Using A Mortise Chisel And Why You Should Get One

Chisels are usually used when it comes to carpentry and other wood works. Sharpness of chisels is usually maintained so that it can perform its job well. Are you familiar with chisels or are you using one when working?

mortise chisel

There are many types of chisels and each one had its own purpose so be sure to use the appropriate chisel when working. One of the most commonly used chisel is the mortise chisel. Learn more about how to use a mortise chisel from here:

How to Use a Mortising Chisel

A traditional, yet surprisingly quick and efficient way to form a mortise.

  1. The first step in this process is accurately marking up the joint. In essence, drawing out on stock all of the specific details of the joint. A properly marked out joint is the key to creating a well fitting bit of joinery
  2. In order to get to the actual cutting technique, we will skip the mark-up steps. To set the depth of your mortise, simply use a piece of blue masking tape

You may have other types of chisels in your shop but not have a mortise chisel. Why not consider having one? Mortise chisels come in handy when you plan on building furniture and other woodworks that needs to join pieces of wood. Here are three reasons on why you should get a mortise chisel:

Three Reasons to Get a Mortise ChiselPigsticker_mortise_chisels

Cutting mortises is not my favorite joinery task.  I’ve used a number of methods for mortising, both hand-powered and electrical, but until now I’ve put off getting mortise chisels because they weren’t in the budget. Now that Narex offers a decent mortise chisel in my price range, I got myself a little Christmas present:

A 1/4” and a 3/8” mortise chisel, which are the two mortise sizes I most frequently cut.

Why didn’t someone tell me why a real mortise chisel was an essential part of the hand-tool woodworker’s kit? Now that I hold them in my hand and put them to wood, it’s obvious why mortise chisels excel at mortising.

Hope these things will help you know more about the mortise chisel. Remember that mortise chisel is a sharp tool and must be handled properly. Keep it in a safe and secured place. Use it according to its purpose and keep it away from children.