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We’re Here For Your Sharpening Needs

United Tool Sharpening delivers a swift and effective sharpening service for almost any tool used in roofing, plumbing, woodwork and carpentry – chisels, saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters and more.

We always advise owners to take their tools to a professional first before trying to do the sharpening themselves. We will be glad to explain to you how to maintain edges after we have done the sharpening service on your tool. It should give you the basic knowledge and information you need to sharpen your hand tools by yourself at home. Then leave the difficult-to-do tools for us to sharpen in the future.

We take pride and make sure that we deliver a highly satisfactory service at all times. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We see to it that we do our best to preserve our good reputation that we have achieved over the years.

We put in mind that your tool could be one of your most treasured object so when your blades need to be sharpened, only seek the service of experts with experience here at United Tool Sharpening.

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Tin Snips and Saws – Tools Of The Roofing Trade

Every roofing contractor needs their own set of tools to carry out roof repair or replacement jobs. Part of that arsenal consists of Tin Snips and a variety of saws, including Reciprocating Saws and Circular Saws which work extremely well for cutting plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which is used for building the roof deck.
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Every Builder Needs Their Tools Sharpened

Custom Outdoor Living are outdoor rooms and outdoor entertainment areas specialists in Melbourne. They use a wide variety of tools to build their cutting-edge extensions and designs.

It’s said “a bad workman always blames his tools”, which is why they take measures to ensure their tools are kept in optimum condition. So if you’re looking to build an extension in Melbourne, give them a call. They offer free estimates too!

Sharp Scissors For Re-screening Doors

Sacramento Handyman specialize in repairing both commercial and residential doors. In order to rescreen a door, you need to remove both the old screen and spline completely and replace these parts. Once removed, you need to measure the length of new spline and cut these pieces with pair of sharp scissors. “Blunt instruments make the job extremely laborious and frustrating. That’s why we’re so grateful to United Tool Sharpening for sorting us out!” John at www.sacramentohandyman.com.